District Cubs Army Camp

District Cubs Army Camp

Army Camp was 17th - 19th May at Moorhouse Durham with another 180 cubs from Newcastle. On Friday once all of the 49th cubs arrived we went down to get the campsite ready. Then later went to get signed in by the control team. When signed in we got a wristband with a barcode which told us all the info for food etc..for the whole weekend, and what army camp merchandise would be given. After getting signed it was supper time. And for supper we had Hot Dogs and Hot Chocolate. After Supper the Chill Zone was opened in the marquee and The jungle book film was played in the main hall for an alternative thing to do.

On Saturday we had an early start and breakfast was on time and delicious. Straight after breakfast was Morning activities started. Later on it was lunchtime. After Lunch Afternoon activities started. Following after activities it was tea time. Chicken Curry, Beef Bolognaise or veggie option. A wide Game was supplied by the control team. Also watching Finding Nemo was an option. During both these activities was a disco in the marquee. Which later turned into a Silent Disco with the control team as DJ's and Dancers trying to encourage as many as possible to join in.

On Sunday Breakfast again was flavorful and straight to morning activities. Throughout the rest of the day the leaders were packing down the campsites, the control team were trying to clear the building and clean. Lunch was a Cheese, jam or tuna wrap and a packed lunch. When everyone went home the control team who stayed behind may have had a cheeky Laser tag game before calling that camp a wrap.

All activities included an assault course, shelter building, navigation, laser tag, shooting, climbing, First Aid and Drill.


Published on 23rd May 2019
Written by Logan (YL)